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Horror News


“Nightmares Unhinged” set for September Release

(Denver) – Just in time for Halloween, Hex Publishers, a new Denver-based publishing house, will release its first anthology, “Nightmares Unhinged,” on Sept. 8, 2015. The 280-page book will retail in print for $12.99. The e-book will cost $4.99 “Nightmares Unhinged” features 20 tales of dark and twisted fiction written by a roster of award-winning […]


Sweet Madness Short Horror Film Just Released!

Sweet Madness is the 16th film from writer/director/producer Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions. The story is about loofy Harley Quinn and her regaining her independence by completing her descent into pure madness.  She does this by setting a deadly game in motion, the consequences of which she and she alone is prepared for. Harley is a […]

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The Divine Tragedies – 4 New Clips Just Released!

Kondelik Brothers, Jon and James, are set to reveal more of The Divine Tragedies, to the bloodthirsty masses. As the brothers continue their film festival run, they have edited and released four new clips. The clips are titled: “Alley Scene,” “Masterpiece,” “Butterflies” and “Where are the Keys.” Each short scene shows more of the film’s […]

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Scary Stories



LEGEND HAS HER She died tragically in the woods at the edge of town just off of Pine Street on a cold Halloween night. She was found brutally murdered in almost a ritualistic fashion.  Two boys apparently followed her into the woods taking advantage of her.  Their shirts were found tied around Casandre as restraining […]

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Ghost of Innocence

Don’t be fooled by her pale skin and innocent appearance. Nor be tempted by her beautiful eyes and luscious lips. While her long flowing hair smells of fresh spring flowers, her spirit reeks of the stench of death. She is a lovely apparition in search of life. The ghost of innocence doesn’t breathe or feel […]

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Dark Art


The Valley Of Hell by Nightfrost

The Valley Of Hell is by artist/illustrator NightFrost. The valley is on fire while a dark cloaked man walks down a stone path into the onslaught of deadly creatures. See more art by Nightfrost: The Frozen Art World  Facebook (image used by permission of Artist)

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Dark Poetry


Wolf of Vengeance (Dark Poem)

Wolf of Vengeance by Ivan Karhoff I call unto you like a god from down under Bring your howl and growl against mine enemy I’ll give my life unto thee, If only you heed my plea, And take one other life for me Mine enemy hath smitted and spat upon mine character I hath fallen […]

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Latest Horror Movie Review


Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes Review

(See Review Below) Anneliese: the Exorcist Tapes is a 2011 documentary based movie that melodramatically re-creates the events surrounding a 23 years old German girl by the name of Anneliese Michel. Towards her last years alive, her parents and the Catholic Church believed she was possessed by demons. There is still a great debate regarding […]

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Latest Horror Book Reviews


Class Four: Those Who Survive (Book Review)

Class Four: Those Who Survive is the latest novel by Duncan P. Bradshaw in a continuous apocalyptic story. It picks up where Class Three left off and it explores several different storylines, but the main focus comes down to a man and his mission to find safety for the boy within his care. With a great […]


Hell’s Shadows (Book Review)

The first thing to notice about Hell’s Shadows is the sophisticated style translated through a simplistic choice of words. Dean Klein, the author, has no intentions of confusing his readers. Instead, he wants to tell them a tale of horror, within a fashion that will leave them bound till the end. Klein really got the […]


Slow Burn Infected (Book Review)

“Slow Burn: Infected book 2,” written by Bobby Adair, is the sequel to the author’s first book in the Slow Burn horror series called “Slow Burn Zero Day.”  Continuing the story of Zed, Murphy and Jerome, “Slow Burn Infected 2” brings the reader to a place where the three main characters are infected and living in a […]

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