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  • Suffer the Children (Book Review)
  • Sacra Obscurum (Book Review)
  • “Circle” Horror Film Begins Distribution
  • The Bloody Jug Band to Release “Rope Burn” album April 13th.
  • O.P. #7 – Horrors of War (Book Review)

Horror News


“Paralyzed with Fear” Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Glenn Berggoetz, writer/director of Midget Zombie Takeover, has just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise funds for his newest film Paralyzed with Fear. The film stars horror film legend Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame.   Berggoetz says, “We’re looking to raise extra funds to make sure the film gets made right!” Fincancial contributions range from $5 […]

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“Circle” Horror Film Begins Distribution

Votiv Films and Taggart Productions are pleased to release the first official trailer for their psychological thriller, Circle. The story, written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione, features 50 strangers held captive in a deadly, mysterious chamber, forced to choose the one person among them that deserves to escape with their life. Reminiscent […]

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Scary Stories



LEGEND HAS HER She died tragically in the woods at the edge of town just off of Pine Street on a cold Halloween night. She was found brutally murdered in almost a ritualistic fashion.  Two boys apparently followed her into the woods taking advantage of her.  Their shirts were found tied around Casandre as restraining […]

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Latest Scary Picture


Good Old Mr. Reaper

Time and creation isn’t something that bothers the reaper. He is content to walk around in limbo, just gathering the necessary souls and leading them where they have to go. But he does have a little secret he doesn’t want anybody to know, and that is the place where he stores the souls that make […]

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Dark Art


Rapid Fire Comedy Clown

  A classic clown face only visible to the victim forms the center of the picture. From the back of his head comes a glimmering light, most likely indicating the effects associated with dying. The chambers of the guns are still glowing after releasing a rain of bullets, an obviously pleasant experience for the hooded […]

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Dark Poetry


Revenge Did My Tortured Blue Soul Seek

(A Dark Poem) by Areanna Carella Collett Voices in my head tell me what to think, advising me to poison his drink. When I saw his face so smug and aroused, touching her skin, her moaning aloud, with their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace, the voices began to plead their case. A little blue […]

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Latest Horror Movie Review


Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes Review

(See Review Below) Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes is a 2011 documentary based movie that melodramatically re-creates the events surrounding a 23 years old German girl by the name of Anneliese Michel. Towards her last years alive, her parents and the Catholic Church believed she was possessed by demons. There is still a great debate regarding […]

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Latest Horror Book Reviews


Suffer the Children (Book Review)

Dominic Selwood is the author of the short story entitled “Suffer the Children”. As a modern writer Selwood has a very traditional style, not something that is often seen. Nevertheless, it still makes for some interesting reading. The word that comes to mind when looking at his work is “rich”, and if this isn’t a […]


Sacra Obscurum (Book Review)

Sacra Obscurum is the debut novel by Todd Allen.  He has a very comfortable style that really captures the imagination of the reader.  Beyond a somewhat slow start, Sacra Obscurum has some very compelling elements. The story follows a clinical psychiatrist called Matt Dawson. His life and career gets turned upside down the day his […]

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