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My youth was… well rough to say the least. I wasn’t very popular in elementary school, and this was before everyone segregated off into their own little cliques. You know goths, band geeks, sports jocks, the tropes to which we all inadvertently adhere to, sometime in middle school. Anyways, I wasn’t popular before that scene at hit our prepubescent bodies. My only friend was Wesley.

Wesley was like me, sort of. We shared similar interests. He liked Star Wars, I liked Star Wars. He collected Digimon cards, and I collected Digimon cards. The only true difference between Wesley and myself was that he got along with the other kids in our school, in fact he was one of the most popular little kids I’ve ever seen in my life. So I really couldn’t fathom why he wanted to be friends with the one kid in school no one really liked.

I can’t say I over thought it much. Seeing Wesley at school was always the highlight of my day, and believe it or not I actually looked forward to school. You see my home life wasn’t the greatest. My dad bailed on us, or so my mother always told me.

“He’s nothing but a limey, dirt bag who ran out on responsibility the moment he found out I was pregnant” she used to tell me.

And like the ignorant youth I was, I drank in every word she said. She remarried, to a man called Phinn… That’s P .. H .. I .. N .. N. Even as a child I knew that Phinn was no good. He was always out late at night, and when he came home he smelled of cigarettes, cheap scotch, and latex. He’d often yell profanities when coming home, making my mother cry until the early hours of the morning.

I don’t know why she stayed with this man, and she was a saint for putting up with him as long as she did. Never the less every morning my mother would see me off to school, tell me she loved me and often begged me to have a good day. I got to see Wesley and we would talk on and on about the latest cartoons or whatever would help distract me from the horrors I would soon go to. Mother became a very different woman by the time I came home.

Dinner was always on the stove and the house spotless. She would never acknowledge me coming home though. She would always be staring off, her eyes blank and empty. Her mind off in the distance somewhere. Who knows what was on her mind. She often would have bruises and red puffy eyes, and throughout the entire evening, every evening she would tend to the pots on the stove without ever saying a word, or even shifting a glance to me. She hardly resembled the loving woman she was almost 9 hours ago.

She would place food in front of Phinn and myself. We would eat and then Phinn would demand that I go to bed.
“You have school in the morning. You want to be at your best. Get a good nights rest.” He would say, even on the weekends.

He wouldn’t even wait for me to get halfway to my room before he started violating my mother. I could hear her cry and rebuff the advances… but it never stopped him. I would fall asleep to the violent sounds that were Phinn mating. He would then go out and drink with his buddies or his “old war friends” though I have always had my doubts that he even ever served.

As time passed and we got a little older my mother suggested that I spend time over at Wesley’s house. His own mother loved the idea and we got to hang out more and more, though I was hesitant to leave my mother. The horrid thoughts of what Phinn would do quickly were pushed to the back of my mind as we played his Playstation 2. MY favorites were Metal Gear Solid 2 and Sly Cooper, though strangely Sly Cooper scared me more than any other game he had for some reason…. This includes Manhunt.

One night Wesley had the brilliant idea that I should spend the night with him on weekends, seeing as I didn’t do anything on weekends anyways. Our mothers okayed the idea and soon I became another part of his family on Saturday and Sunday. Hell things even seemed to be getting better at home. My guess is that Phinn was getting worried that I might be catching on to the on goings, the reason I wanted to be away so much, so he cleaned up his act.

Then Wesley got a dog. A golden lab that they called Nala, because she liked to jump on you and knock you to the floor, much like the character from the Lion King. Though a little rough, Nala was truly a sweet animal and she came to love and accept me just as quickly as Wesley had done himself. You could see love emanating from her deep blue eyes.

When I told my mom about Nala, she kind of wigged out on me.

“A dog? Why does a boy need a dog. It’s too dangero…. Too big a responsibility. Plus dogs die. He’ll be sad when that dog dies. Boys are just too careless to have dogs! I don’t ever want you to call that dog yours.. In any fashion. Not her love or anything! You hear! You keep emotionally clear from that dog!”

She became a bit of a nut after that. Every Monday she would ask how much time I spent with Nala. If I ever accidentally hurt her, or if Wesley had ever said she was our dog. Of course I told her no, no, and no. Wesley became a little concerned when he noticed that I had been paying less and less attention to Nala. And when I told him what my mother said he shrugged it off and laughed.

“Okay dude, I’m not messed up by that. Nala is my dog and just my dog. But she likes you. You can play with my dog. Don’t let your mom’s weirdness keep you from loving a dog.” He said.

“Your Dog…” I said coyly

“My dog.” He reaffirmed.

And I got to play with Nala while also keeping a safe emotional distance from her… for my mom.

High school came around and Wesley and I each joined one of those cliques. Wesley fit right in amongst the drama kids and he even ran for student body vice president. He still was loved by absolutely everyone. I squeezed in with the goth kids, though I was still an outcast amongst them. Wesley and I didn’t spend weekends together any more he got a job at the local McDonald’s and they worked him to the bone. So he couldn’t have people over anymore, but we stayed close.

It wasn’t two months into our sophomore year that he came to me one morning, heart broken. Nala had died. I immediately felt my heart shatter upon hearing the news. We cried for hours and didn’t pay attention to any of our classes that day. I spent the night at his house that weekend as his family prepared a doggy funeral for Nala. It was nice to be there for my friend in his time of need.

We spent all night talking about memories we had with Nala and the things we did as children. And eventually we fell asleep. The sensation of sleep was brief for me though, as a low rumble woke me. There was a deep voice calling out.

“Wessssssssleyyyyyyyyyy…..” it hummed.

I cracked open my eyes just a pinch to see a very tall, thin horned figure in the door way. It took one long, eerily slow step toward Wesley. It felt like his step took hours before the foot landed. His eyes glowed a bright neon blue. The seemed to be burning with hatred and they looked right at Wesley. I was frozen in fear. The foot landed next to me, mere inches from my head. The stench of death wrought from within the creature.

Not like the stench of hospitals or funeral homes that I’ve come to associate with death but the smell of a rotting carcass. It smelled sour and how I had always imagined zombies would smell. Rotting. Festering. The kind of thing that makes you gag as you even think about inhaling.

And with that creature foot right by my head the smell was unbearable. I shifted slightly, So softly that if you weren’t looking for my movements you wouldn’t even notice. What I saw haunts me to this very day. It was skeletal, but it was covered in what looked like thick bristly hairs. There were hairs covering the floor around where this this monster had stepped, and hairs in patches on its leg there were porous gaps, large enough to fit a finger in. From the pores emanated it’s foul odor, and for a brief moment there seemed to be warm, gooey, moving innards. Like something else had been sacrificed to give this creature new organs.

Though leg organs seems like a useless thing at this point I really didn’t question it, because just as I recognized the guts in the pores new bristle hairs sprouted and covered up the holes.

“YYYYYyyyouuuu wwweeeeerrrrreeee wwwiiiiiiiisssssee Weeeeesssssleeyyyyyyy. Bringingggggg aaaa guesssssst iiiiiiiinnnn. Noooooooooot tttthisssssss niiiiiiiiiigggghhhttt. Nnnnnnnnnnno. Buuuuuuut sooooon yoooooouuuuulllllll pppppaaaaaaayyyyy.” It hissed.

The very act of this thing speaking seemed to change the pace of my heart beat. It caused a lump to grow in the back of my throat. Pure fear settled in my body as I went ice cold. The creature placed one long talon over Wesley’s chest, losing and regrowing bristles as it moved. It seemed to purr and coo as it reveled in the thought of what it wanted to do. It stayed like that for forty five minutes… unmoving. Just purring. The pattern still resonated in my very being! Then out of nowhere it quickly turned to me.

In its eyes I no longer saw the hatred that it had when it was looking at Wesley, now in its eyes I saw sorrow, and longing. When I looked into its eyes I felt passion, and the love of a lost family member. It’s beautiful blue eyes held nothing but love. It blinked and exhaled a massive breath.

I woke up and checked the floor for the bristles. I smelled deeply for a rotting odor. I even looked for any sign of damage on Wesley’s chest but found nothing. Wesley eventually woke up and I spun him the yarn that fabricated the story from last night. Astounded he went through my checklist himself just to double check but also came up with nothing. We shook it off as a bad dream and went to have breakfast.

Two weeks later someone had broken into Wesley’s house while his parents were out, working late. He was found dead by his mother with a single stab wound directly in his heart. No one was ever found but security in our neighborhood was quintupled over night. My mom though saddened at his funeral, never cried. When I accounted stories of Wesley, Nala and I in our youth and described how close we all had been…she glared at me. And scoffed at any mention of Wesley’s connection with Nala. For months she only bitched and moaned about how boys can’t love a dog, about the dangers of pets.

Months later she mellowed back out, that was until Phinn, who had been teetering on, trying to be a good man and being an abusive asshole had, using his newly developed feelings brought home a small Chow Chow named Kade. He was part trying to help me feel better about Wesley and partly bringing a peace offering. The previous week he had flipped out on my mom and I stood in to defend her and he beat the living hell out of me. But since then he has put in some effort to change, seeing as my mom threatened him with a divorce.

Kade quickly became the thing between Phinn and me that we could bond over. We both loved his little fuzzy butt and his fat fluffy face. Mom however warned my about never calling him my dog.

“If that dog belongs to anyone…” She would preach

“It’s Phinn. He bought it.”

“But he bought Kade for me mom… and we’ve bonded so much over him.” I pleaded.

My mom has never lain a finger on me in any violent manner but as I said this she full on slapped me. Like pulled back and nailed me right down the center of my face. My nose bled and my forehead and left cheek swelled up.
“TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!” She barked ferociously.

Taking my finger I was jamming it in my nose to stop the bleeding and begrudgingly did as she said. Claiming that Kade belonged souly to Phinn and I was just kinda around him. I had no more ownership of the dog than she did. Of course this didn’t stop me from cuddling him and telling him that he was my big happy fuzz butt. Then Phinn broke his nice guy streak after a night of drinks with some of his coworkers. He rampaged through the house breaking anything he could get his hands on. He didn’t hurt mom or me. He just broke things. They were even only his own things.

Family tragedy struck when we discovered the mangled, bloody body of Kade underneath the curio cabinet that Phinn tore down. Both Phinn and I broke into tears when we recognized the flattened, still breathing body of our beloved dog. Phinn took putting Kade out of his misery into his own hands, quickly snapping the neck of the small dog.

Mother again glared at me, noting the tears welled up in my eyes.

“I’m so sorry, boy…” He said to me.

His voice cracking as he said it.

“I’m so.. so sorry…”

I place my hand on his shoulder, knowing he was in just about as much pain as I was. He looked at me heart broken, but with understanding. We lay Kade’s corpse in a hole dig in the back yard, say our good byes and get on to bed.
That night I heard that sound again. A low bellowing calling out across the hall.


The stench of decay filled my room for a brief moment, as it walked past my door.

Remembering the event from last time I convinced myself that it was just a bad dream and fell back to sleep. There are few things as bitter sweet as the sleep you have after bawling your eyes out. You’re just exhausted and sleep feels so good that even though you awaken, still sad, you awaken well rested and full of new energy.

My mother met my gaze as I made my way down the stairs.

“Your father had a dog.” She said coldly

“He loved that creature to no end. This dog however did not like me and it did not like you. So your father took the little beast as his own.”

You can only imagine my bewilderment as she tells me that I was born when my dad was around. I had lived my entire life thinking he was a dead beat. I wanted to argue, pipe in and question the story but she wouldn’t stop long enough for me to interject a single syllable.”

“One day the dog hurt it’s paw and wined for days on end. Eventually it got infected and we had to put the dog down. I wish I could tell you that this one shitty dog is why I didn’t want you getting close to animals but it isn’t. The night after the dog died we were visited by a creature that goes by the name of the Berokdarr. The Berokdarr is a being from another plane of existence, it is every dog, cat, lizard, fish, and bird that has ever been a pet. They all live inside it. The creature takes on a disgusting monsterous shape with rotting holes of organs for flesh, surrounded by a thick skeletal structure covered in hair. It feels everything all these pets endure, all the love and all the torture. It acts out to avenge lost pets… any lost pets when they die. The Berokdarr came and murdered your father, just as it murdered Wesley, and just like it will murder Phinn. It comes to you, calls your name and if you are alone it murders you. If not it haunts you, biding its time until it can kill you… or has to move on to a new victim. That is why I don’t want you getting close to animals son. I don’t want to loose you like your father.”

Tears streamed furiously down her face as she ended her tale. My heart skiped a beat as I realized that the creature I saw at Wesley’s house when Nala died must have been the Berokdarr. I sighed heavily and embraced her. When we received the news that Phinn was involved in a fatal accident that punctured his heart, I understood.

And writing all this down wouldn’t really be that big a deal, maybe a fun ghost story to share with friends. But I did love Kade. Against my mother’s wished I called him my own. A lump is building in my throat. My bedroom reeks like raw beef that has been left out for months, and I just heard a low guttural groan calling my name. Worst of all….. I’m home alone. I’m sorry Mom, I’m going to be with Dad, Wesley and Phinn now. I should’ve listened to you…


Look At Its Face (Creepy Pasta)

Look-at-its-face-dollSo far, my day off work has been like most of my day offs. I woke up with determination. Today, I will get out of bed early. Today, I will engage in an outdoor recreational activity, or do something productive. Today, I will get things done! With a great deal of effort, I rolled over on my side, snatching my Ipad off the nightstand. My heart sank as I saw the time – 10:27am.

I rationalized that it is way too late to do anything. By the time I get myself out of bed, out of my pajamas, and into the shower it will be way too late to do anything meaningful. Besides, I couldn’t think of anything that sounded more enchanting than laying around in my pj’s all day long. So, I decided to do my favorite time passing activity. It’s Youtube time! I entered my four digit passcode on my Ipad, swiped to the Youtube app, and beheld the trending videos of the day.

I kicked the down comforter off my sweaty pajama clad body and rolled closer to the bedside fan. My room was particularly hot and muggy this day, but not uncommon for the first few budding days of summer. As I basked in the air beating down on me from my fan, I scrolled through the trending videos. I came to my first interesting looking video, which was very creatively entitled, “Top 10 Scary Videos on Youtube.” I thought to myself, that this is a very interesting subject that I would like to learn more about. So, I clicked on the video and braced myself for the horror buried deep in the realm of the internet.

Some of the videos confused me, some made me chuckle, and some gave me chills. Videos entitled “I Feel Fantastic,” and “There is nothing” blasted through the speakers of my Ipad. Confusing images such as “Obey the Walrus,” and “Pretty Woman” danced on my screen, as I inched my nose closer and closer to get a better look at what I was seeing. Unsatisfied I began to search for more and more strange and creepy videos. Minutes passed into hours. Before I knew it, the time read 4:47pm on my Ipad. But I just couldn’t stop. I was addicted, and craving my next frightening fix.

Eventually, I made my way to a wildly interesting string of videos featuring supposed “haunted” dolls. I watched video after video of dolls slightly moving; dolls changing facial expressions, and tales of scary personal encounters with the so called spirited poppets. I gradually fell deeper and deeper into this bizarre, yet much discussed subject. And then I saw it. A thumbnail showing a plastic vintage doll sitting in what appeared to be a vintage upholstered chair. Something about the video called to me. It had only 17 views and was uploaded years ago.

The name of the video was, “Look at Its face!” I clicked on the thumbnail and waited for the video to load on the screen. Instantly, I felt that something was not quite right. The video featured a plastic blond doll with a short 1950’s style haircut. The doll was wearing a crisp bright yellow dress with a white bow around the collar. The dollar sat in the middle of an old upholstered forest green reclining chair, and the camera was still and fixated on the doll. I took note of the dirty looking wall behind the chair. At one time, it was white, but now you can clearly see nicotine stains and dirty hand prints gracing its surface.

One of the things that jolted me a little about the doll was the odd expression it had on its face. It was neither smiling, nor frowning. It seemed to not have an expression at all! Its plastic blue eyes staring blankly toward the camera. About 2 minutes or so into the video of watching this doll do absolutely nothing, I began to hear a ragged breathing coming through my speakers. The breathing began to pick up pace and you can hear someone putting their face up close to the camera.

Suddenly, a man whispers directly next to the camera in excitement, “Look at its face!” Another few seconds pass, and you hear another even more enthusiastic whisper, “Look at its face!” As if the man was going to burst with utter unadulterated joy, he exclaimed this time out loud, “Look at its face! Just look at its face!” The man sounded as if he just won the Powerball; a strange emotional outburst for a doll sitting still in a chair with no activity to be had whatsoever.

Another minute goes by of erratic breathing; the camera still focused on the expressionless doll. Then without any warning, “LOOK AT IT’S FACE!!!!” I jumped at the gleeful shout that burst from my speaker. The man grunted, and hummed as if he was about to meet his celebrity idol. “Look at its face, look at its face, look at its face, look at its face!” Wild laughter now coming through my speakers. “Just look at its FACE!” More crazed breathing mixed with bouts of insane laughter.

Clearly, this man was completely crazy. The kind of crazy that requires medication, and a full time medical staff. “Look at its faaaaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaacccceeee! Hahaha, LOOK AT IT’S FACE!” The doll continued to stare blankly into space. Its mouth set in neither a smile nor a frown. No sign of emotion, or life at all. Its stiff yellow dress stood out like cardboard against the shiny, tanned, plastic body of the doll.

As the man continuously demanded with terrifying glee to look at the doll’s face, I began to descend into a state of fear and panic. The man became more and more emotionally unstable, and I was not sure what was about to happen next. I waited, holding my breath for something unpleasant to happen. And yet, the doll sat unmoving and untouched in the chair. It’s vacant stare burning a hole into my soul.

After several more minutes of ghoulish wild laughter and commands to look at the doll’s face, the camera begins to lift up from its cradle by shaky hands. The camera pans downward, and I caught a quick glance of a terribly messy old wooden coffee table, which was littered with used paper plates, crumpled napkins, and empty soda cans. The video promptly clicked off. I sat there for a moment; shocked and perplexed over what I just watched. I wondered if the video was real, and if the man was really mentally disturbed. Even as my mind raced with a million questions, one image remained burned into my mind – the doll’s expressionless face.

I scrolled down to look at the comments left by the other few viewers. The first comment, left by a user with the brilliantly hilarious and telling username of “bananaking0649” queried, “What did I just watch?” Another user, “smallfrycaligirl” begged, “Please do not watch! Gives terrible nightmares! Please don’t do it!” A few more users uttered the same warning. The general theme of the comments were that this video supposedly causes demonic type dreams, and various injuries whilst sleeping. I rolled my eyes, and chuckled to myself. “Okaaayyyyyyy” I whispered under my breath. I sat down the Ipad and decided that I waited way too long to take a shower.

About 20 minutes later I hopped out of the shower feeling refreshed. I slipped on a new pair of soft pajamas, and took a trip to the kitchen, where I gorged on microwaved French bread pizza. After tossing my refuse into the recycling bin in the garage, I made my way back up the stairs to my bedroom, and back into my blissful bed. I switched on Netflix and watched a few seasons of one of my favorite shows, “Orange is the New Black.” Even though my eyes were focused on the TV, my mind kept wandering back to the Youtube video of the doll on the chair. In my mind, I can perfectly hear the frenzied sound of the psychopath’s voice coming through the camera, chanting over and over, “Look at its face!”

After some time, I became extremely exhausted. I could not fight the heaviness in my eyelids any longer, and let myself drift into a deep slumber. It wasn’t much longer after I shut my eyes that I awakened with a start. I found myself transported onto someone’s filthy living room carpet. I sat up bolt upright at the realization that I was no longer in my bed. My heart pounded so hard that I could hear it in my ears. I fearfully absorbed my surroundings. It appears that someone had replaced a lightbulb with a novelty red bulb, so everything in the room had a sickening reddish hue.

It was apparent right off the bat that I was in someone’s apartment living room. The living room looked as if it has never been cleaned. The coffee table was stacked high with paper plates, rotting remnants of food, old pizza boxes, discarded oily napkins, and crumpled Pepsi cans. The couch was also covered in the same type of trash; however, unlike the coffee table, it also held an epic mountain of dirty laundry. The side table had a retro type lamp, housing a single red lightbulb. Crowded on the side table under the lamp was a picture of a smiling old woman that I have never seen before, and more crumpled Pepsi cans.

The room was hot. It felt as if the entire apartment building was on fire. To make matters much worse, I noticed several beams of wood nailed across the door to exit the apartment, and a make shift dam made of beams of wood piled high in front of the hallway to the bedrooms and the entrance to the kitchen. I was trapped in the small dingy living room. Panic began to set in. In addition to maddening panic, I began to feel something completely foreign to me; something I have never felt before – evil.

      My entire body seemed to be enveloped in this evil feeling, and it permeated through my skin and bones, and deep into the depths of my spirit. It pulsated like a heart-beat, and seemed to emanate from the heat that clung to the air. I darted about the room, tossing trash and laundry every which way to look for a clue to get out of the room.  As I strew garbage around, I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the corner. Part of a dirty green cushion belonging to a vintage reclining chair peeked out at me under a pile of dirty clothing. I froze with fear. A sick feeling overcame me, and my stomach dropped down to my knees. I slowly inched my way toward the chair.

My hands began to shake uncontrollably as I lifted each article of clothing between my index finger and thumb, and dropped it to the floor. I began to notice movement underneath the clothes. I continued to remove the laundry, when I saw the source of the strange jerking movements. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to run, but I was unable to make a sound, and there was nowhere to run. The doll lay face down in the middle of the cushion, its body rocking from side to side slightly on its small protruding belly.

Shaking violently now, I reached for the doll taking note that it’s once yellow dress was now black. The plastic felt warm to the touch as if the doll was alive. I cautiously turned the doll over. I tried to scream, but could only manage a whisper. I stood there holding the doll; frozen with fear. I could not take my eyes away from its grotesque face. It was at that very moment that I knew with absolute certainty that I was in hell. And not only was I in hell, I was trapped in a room with a murderous demon. The face…no horror movie could ever do what I saw on this doll’s face justice.

Its mouth was gaping wide open; a large black void of a hole that encompassed most of its face. One eye was popped open, and rolled upward towards the top of its head. The other eye was shut. The evil feeling thickened all around me. I was unable to move, frozen in time; eyes fixed on the dolls chasm of a mouth. I began to feel as if I was not alone in the room. I could feel eyes boring a hole into the back of my head. But I could not turn around. All I could do was look at the doll’s face.


With a jolt I awoke from my nightmare. I was back in the safety of my room, wrapped in the security of my down comforter. My room was extremely warm, and the fan did little to cool me down. I threw my comforter off of my sweat soaked body, and sat up in my bed. I tried my best to steady my rapid breathing. It was too hot in my room. I left my bed and headed to the bathroom to splash some cool water on my face. As I glanced up at my face in the mirror in between splashing handfuls of tap water on my face, and noticed something odd.

Leaning in for a closer look I saw there was something on my shoulder. I pulled down my nightshirt a tad to see what it was, and backed away from the mirror in horror. Three long red scratches adorned the pale white skin on my shoulder. Each scratch was completely parallel to the other, almost appearing as a claw mark. I continued backing away from the bathroom, “no, no, no” I repeated to myself under my breath. It all hit me like a tidal wave; the reality of what I had just been through. I knew that I had seen hell. It was not a dream. The warnings in the comments of the Youtube video rang true.

I have tried to look for the video again on Youtube, but I have not been able to find it again. I know it is still out there….somewhere hidden in the depths of the web, waiting for some unknowing kid to click on it. Hopefully, some of you will read my story before you find it. The scratches eventually healed from my shoulder, but I never recovered from my experience. If you ever happen upon a video on Youtube, (or anywhere else for that matter), that features a blond doll in a yellow dress sitting in a vintage green chair, whatever you do, don’t click on it. Take it from me, you do not want to look at its face.





Evanescence The Merciless (Original Creepypasta)

man-looking-out-window---creepypastaI stood there, staring out the window at the road. When will she come back? It’s been over an hour now. Evanescence, one of my three homies and my best friend from high school, had gone to get her new dog she adopted. All four of us had just finished college so now, Evanescence could get a dog cause she wouldn’t be over packed with assignments and exams. The shelter was only up the road, it should have taken her 20mins max. But this was over an hour.

“David, she back yet?” asked Jeffery.

I looked at him and shook my head. I was worried. Jeffery walked away to help Zack with dinner. But I couldn’t get my eyes off the road, she had to come soon, any second now. Finally, after a couple of minutes, I saw a car drive up to road towards our house. It was Ev! I sighed with relief and walked outside to help her carry the dog and it’s stuff inside. I carried the large bag of dog food. The dog was adorable. A kelpie x boarder collie, female named Spring. She did live up to her name, jumping and springing around the lounge room. After I put everything down, I turned to talk to Ev.

“So what took you so long?” I asked as I grabbed a plate of the tasty soup Jeffery and Zack prepared.

“What do you mean?”

“You were gone over an hour.”

“No I wasn’t. I was only gone ten minutes.”

I looked at Evanescence in confusion. It defiantly was not 10mins, and Ev was good at estimating the time. I avoided arguing with her, and sat down, quietly eating my dinner. After a couple of minutes, Zack broke the silence.

“Did you guys hear about the boy that got murdered by his mum?”

“No, he was already torn up by a ghost, then his mum, trying to attack the ghost, accidentally killed the boy.” explained Jeffery, correcting Zack.

clown-ghost-creepypasta“It was a clown ghost that only the boy could see, until he revealed himself to the mother. Like an imaginary friend.” Ev could tell I had no idea what they were talking about. “Read the newspaper, David, it’s quite an interesting story. You’ll find it in this week’s paper, titled ‘Laughing Jack’.”

I shrugged. I wasn’t really interested in all those gory murder stories. But I pretended I would read it, so they’d stop bothering me.

After dinner, I went upstairs and had a shower before everyone, then I went to bed. That night, I heard crying. It was soft sobs, but it was enough to wake me. I looked at the time on the clock on my bedside table, 4:47am. Who would be crying this early in the morning. Well, whoever it is must’ve had a nightmare. I slowly got up, still half asleep, and followed the sobs. It lead me to Evanescence’s room.

The first thing I noticed as I opened her door, not yet in the room, was Spring. She was curled up in the corner of the room, hunched back and tail in between her legs. She was obviously terrified of something. Maybe it was the sudden change of environment, from the dog shelter to a nice cosy house. Maybe she missed the company of other dogs, but she would be sad, not scared. I entered the room. As I did, I noticed the sobbing no longer came from a direction. It was everywhere. The sound consumed the room, but what disturbed me the most, was the fact that it sounded like Ev. Ignoring the fact that it didn’t come from just Evanescence’s direction, and headed towards her to calm her down. But then I noticed, she was sleeping peacefully. Ev wore a slight smile, and didn’t seem to be distressed at all.

Then the sobbing, became a blood curdling laugh. Spring started wimping, she must have heard it too. Suddenly, Ev woke up. As soon as she did, the laughing stopped. The relief that flooded me at that moment is indescribable. Ev sat up and looked at me. Although it was dark, I could see her extremely confused face.

“David? Why the hell are you in my room?” there was anger in her voice. I didn’t blame her. Waking up and seeing a guy in your room watching you sleep is not something to be happy about. And that’s what this looked like.

“Listen, Spring had come into my room and I was just putting her back. I was literally just about to leave but then you woke up.” I had to come up with something, she wouldn’t believe the truth.

“Why is Spring terrified?”

“Maybe because it’s a sudden change in environment.”

“You’re probably right.”

Ev got up and placed Spring, who had now calmed down a bit, on her bed.

“Spring can sleep on my bed tonight.” she said and tried to get back to sleep herself.

I headed out and back into my room. I was surprised Jeffery and Zack weren’t woken up bye the sobbing earlier, but then again, it was soft and they slept downstairs unlike Ev and I, who slept upstairs.

Morning came and I was woken up by laughing coming from downstairs. I got up and put on a jumper, it was cold. I headed downstairs and found Ev playing with Spring. She was laughing and looked quite happy. Then, last night entered my mind. I pushed it aside, I didn’t was to remember that horrid laugh.

I walked into the kitchen looking for the cereal box. It wasn’t in the cupboard, so I guessed that someone had taken it out. But what I did see, were all these candy wrappers piled on the kitchen bench. I looked at the wrappers more closely, and noticed that it wasn’t any of the brands I know of. In fact, they didn’t have any words nor Logo. Just a plain colour. But they were all different colours.

“Anyone care to tell me why all these wrappers are here?”

“Oh yea, that’s my fault, I wasn’t bothered to put them in the bin.” Ev laughed.

“Where did you even get all this candy?”

“I found it in my bed.”

What!? You don’t just find candy in your bed. And if it was old candy that belonged to Ev, she would had found it ages ago. Someone or something, had gone into her room, frightened the dog, and stuffed Ev’s bed with candy. It had to be Zack or Jeffery. Who else could it be? Maybe they attempted to prank her? I don’t know, but at least Ev wasn’t harmed, I shouldn’t be worrying.

I scanned the kitchen for something to eat, when my eyes fell onto the newspaper on the kitchen bench. I grabbed it. This was last weeks paper, today was Monday so there should be another one on the way. I unrolled the paper and looked at the front page.

‘Laughing Jack’

I had nothing better to do. I made myself a toast, sat down and starting reading. But it wasn’t a story that I was reading, it was four words, repeating themselves throughout the whole page.

‘If Evanescence dies young’

Shocked, I unconsciously threw the paper. It hit Ev right in the head. I quickly got up, and ran to Evanescence.

“What the hell David!?”

“I’m sorry! I just saw something that shocked me. I threw it in shock, I didn’t mean for it to hit you.”

Jeffery grabbed the paper to see what I read.

“It’s the Laughing Jack story.” he said and they looked at me confused.

“I-um-I’m not g-good with horror. You know, clowns and killing.” I smiled trying to cover up.

“I knew you hated horror, but I didn’t think you hated it this much.” explained Zack.

Jeffery handed the paper back to me. I grabbed it and looked at it again. It was only the story now, not those other words. I must have been hallucinating. I didn’t get much sleep last night, so my brain was probably tired.

“I need to get some rest.” and with that, I left and headed to my bed.

I sat on my bed for what I estimated to be hours, just contemplating the last couple events. Ev taking over an hour, yet to her, it was only 10mins, sobbing and laughing coming from all directions in Ev’s room, Spring all terrified, random candy appears in her bed, and now, terrifying words appear in a place they should not. Maybe-

“David! You okay? You’ve been up there for hours!”

I was pulled out of my mind by Zack calling me.

“It’s 7:30!”

7:30!? How? I came up here at about 10:00 in the morning. I never even got to sleep.

“David? You coming? Dinner’s ready!” For some reason, hearing Evanescence’s voice calmed me down a lot. It was a beautiful soft voice. Just knowing that she’s there, happy and safe, helped a lot.

“I’m gonna skip dinner.”

“You sure? David, you okay?”

“Yes Ev, just tired. Goodnight.”

I closed my eyes and drifted into a dark, peaceful sleep. That night, I was again woken up by a sound. It wasn’t a sobbing this time, or a laugh, it was two piercing screams. I immediately got up and ran towards where I heard it from. I didn’t have to run far, my door wouldn’t open. I looked down, and a pool of blood was growing from under the door. The screaming didn’t stop. I couldn’t think. My hands were shaking, my skin, pale. By now I recognised the screams, they belonged to Jeffery and Zack!

“DAMIT!” I shouted. This door, why wouldn’t it budge?

Suddenly, the screams stopped. Then I heard something that, just by thinking about it, makes me wanna scream and cry.

“Good job Spring!” it wasn’t some deranged killer talking, or some insane person, it was Evanescence. “David’s turn.” she sounded happy.

I couldn’t beleive it. Ev? The happy, innocent yet not innocent, funny Evanescence? No! it couldn’t be true. It Evanescence-The-Merciless-creepypastacouldn’t. I didn’t want to believe it. I heard shuffling in front of my door, like someone was moving something. Then it hit me, Jeffery and Zack were killed right in front of my door, it was their bodies that locked me in. I had to run, I had to hide! I looked around, there was no where to hide. Then my eyes landed on my closet. I ran quickly and hid among all my clothes. I didn’t dare look out. Suddenly, I heard the door open. That sound was quickly covered by a laugh, not a wicked laugh, just a laugh you would hear one do any day. But for some reason, this one terrified me.

“I will find you. And if I don’t, Spring will.”

I tried to keep my breathing steady, even. Finally, after a couple of minutes, the door to the closet opened. I tried to scream, but Ev put her hand on my mouth, stopping me. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t make a sound. My friend, my best friend, was going to murder me right here. She wasn’t wearing her pyjamas like I would have expected, instead she wore a lime green, short dress with black converses and a top hat which sat on her dark brunette hair. I stared, tears streaming down my face.

“Please, Evany, don’t.”

“Be scared!” she hissed.

That’s when I noticed, her eyes were yellow, she had a black bushy tail and ears which came out of the sides of the hat, and her dog had blood all over her mouth. I looked further, and there, behind the two killers, stood Laughing Jack. He turned Ev and Spring into monsters, he’s the cause for all this. I should have kept her safe, I knew he was coming for her, all the clues clearly told me, I should have listened!

Suddenly, a knife pierced my chest. It hurt, the pain was agonising. Ev then took it out, and stabbed yet again. The knife repeatedly stabbed into my chest, every moment, faded away further and further. The only thing that was left in focus, was my killer.

Although she had blood covered all over her, and behind those beautiful yellow eyes was a fire of insanity raging on and on, she still looked beautiful. This just wasn’t her, she wasn’t a monster, but I guess she is now.

The knife finally stopped stabbing and I fell to my knees. I could feel my legs weakening, my entire body, consumed with pain. But most of the pain wasn’t from being stabbed, no, it was from the fact that I let Laughing Jack get to Ev. It was my fault she became who she is now, it’s my fault she became merciless. I felt my head hit the ground as the world slowly faded to black. My life, slipping away more and more every second. But just before I fell into an eternal sleep, I heard something, something, that made my heart stop.



Wolf of Vengeance

Jurgen-Amadeus-Canis-300x400I had just turned twelve years old when it happened. In less than one night I went from being a child opening her birthday presents with her best friends, to a wide-eyed shaking wreck of a girl. My childhood died with the brutal death of my best friend, and my nightmares have never let me forget, not for one single night.

They blamed it on shock, that seeing her corpse being mutilated like that must have made me see the Creature I described killing her.  I tried to tell my parents but they refused to believe me. I was just traumatized by what I saw they said telling me it was likely a cougar, a wolf, or a bear. But I knew what I saw and it was definitely way bigger than any wild animal I knew about. When I went down to talk to the police, I tried explaining it to them, but they just laughed me out of the station.

It seems like someone is always making fun of me or being mean.  Even one police officer said, “Get out you crazy little witch!” I just ran away in tears.

It only took a few moments, but cast a dark graven shadow over years of my life. I have constant nightmares, waking up in a trembling cold sweat. I repeatedly dream about how it came into our tiny camp while we sat around the fire. I even hear the raspy sound of its breath.

I told others I didn’t know why it chose Julie instead of me, but it was no random act of violence when the beast attacked her, biting into her shoulder blades and clawing her back. It had coarse black fur and walked upright like a human being, but it was neither human or animal.

At first, somehow Julie managed to scramble a short distance away, but she was no match for its jaws closing around her neck.  I heard her bones crushing and cracking like the twigs we broke up for the fire. Within moments she was limp dead like a torn up rag doll. The thing bent to pick up her body with one clawed hand. It was lean, muscular, and at least eight feet tall. I could hear it breathing deeply as it reached into her chest, tore out her heart, and feasted on it. I couldn’t look away. I was frozen with dread, sure I’d die too here in the woods, miles from my home and my family. I remember its eye’s the best, they’re burned into my memory like hot coals. Yellow and glowing like twin moons, I saw a malevolent intelligence in their depths. It had come here purposely, to kill her. It raised one blood stained claw and pointed at me, staring right into my eyes and further beyond. I felt my blood turn cold and my vision blackening. When I woke up a rescue party had arrived with police, vans and men in coats who took pictures of what was left of her mangled body. Then covered it with a white sheet which soon turned red.

I repeatedly told them there was a monster beast out there and it was cunning and cruel. That lead to my parents sending me to a succession of therapists, psychologists, and finally psychiatrists. I was just an average girl out on a camping trip and within a night I became a withdrawn, cynical young woman living every day in terror. I pleaded with my parents to believe me. They sent me to a mental institution instead.

I spent three years in Thornwood Institution, where they heavily medicated me and shocked me, it was like torture. I learned to lie to the staff to secure my release, but in my nightmares, I always recounted Julie’s mutilated body, heard her screams of terror, crushing bones, squirting blood and the beast’s panting breath as it feasted on her heart. When its eyes meet mine and it raises its claw, I always woke up screaming. Luckily screaming at night was a common thing at Thornwood.

I hated my parents for sending me there. I never went back to my house, I felt nothing for them anymore. I got a job as a maid at a local inn and found a tiny, cockroach infested apartment to live in. But the nightmares never stopped, and I was alone in the world. Doing my job became almost unbearable, I was always so tired and miserable, so I took to the bottle. At first it helped me sleep, kept the nightmares quiet, but soon I was spending all of my time drunk and the nightmares returned, more vivid, louder and terrifying as ever.

I couldn’t sleep. I was constantly paranoid and lost my job. I kept seeing the beast in the corner of my mind’s eye.  I could only draw the curtains shut and cower in my bed. I’m writing this because its my fault Julie died. I never meant for it to happen, I didn’t think it would work, but it was not a wild beast that killed Julie. She had made fun of me at school, so I wanted to get her back. I found an old book of spells and poems. I read one out loud called the “Wolf of Vengeance” and wished for the Wolf to come for her.  Even though I meant it at the time, I had no idea it would come to pass…

Wolf of Vengeance
by Ivan Karhoff

I call unto you like a god from down under
Bring your howl and growl against mine enemy

I’ll give my life unto thee,
If only you heed my plea,
And take one other life for me

Mine enemy hath smitted and spat upon mine character
I hath fallen unto disgrace

All mighty of the dark,
Eat her heart,
I’ll be happy as a lark

In the name of the Wolf of Vengeance
I beg, that of her, there shalt be no remembrance

Years have passed since I performed my dirty deed, but I can no longer live with it.  I can’t escape or live with the vicious nightmares anymore.  Emotionally, my heart is being ripped out every night as much as Julie’s. I have been in fear wondering when the Wolf will complete my cursed malevolent poem and physically rip my heart out. My life is worse than death…is this what I gave unto the Wolf of Vengeance?


Two 12 year old girls attempt to kill their friend to meet Slenderman…..………

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Herobrine and I: A Minecraft Ghost Story

A chill ran through my spine as I read the words on my computer screen-saver…

Wake up…..

How did that get there? I thought to myself as I highlighted the text with my mouse and pressed delete.  The sun was peeking out of my window as I looked at the clock.  It was eleven in the morning and I had slept later than I intended.  But I had a late night and my Minecraft dungeon wouldn’t build itself.  So I went to grab a banana and went to class.  It was Friday and I had the whole weekend to work on play Minecraft,  so i took my time logging back on after I got home. It wasn’t until 10:00 pm that I sat back down in front of my PC and initiated the Minecraft app. I decided to go on survival mode and then explore a friend of mine’s castle on his server.  After fighting some zombies and having some fun, it was time to get back to work on my dungeon.  So I exited survival mode and logged into my single player saved world.  As I moved my character over the lake I painstakingly built and walked over to the huge mountain where my dungeon was under, something strange caught my eye.  I slowly moved my character over to the entrance of my dungeon and stopped.  I took my hand off the mouse and covered my gaping maw, noticing the lack of leaves on the trees around my mountain.

There in front of my entrance was a little pyramid made of sand blocks.

I moved my character as far away from the entrance of my dungeon and them I pushed off away from my computer and jumped up.  I paced all around my dorm room and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  I slapped myself in the face.

Calm down, I thought to myself.   You don’t believe in Herobrine.  There’s no such thing as Herobrine….

Ever since Minecraft was first released four years ago, I couldn’t stop playing it as a teenager.  Now in my second year of university, it was starting to take over my life. I even missed some classes. Could you blame me?  The chance to create my own world out of blocks and fight night-time zombies was too much fun to resist.  But I had heard the Herobrine stories and that gave my favorite obsession a dangerous allure.  Herobrine was supposedly a standard block figure with a blue top, black hair and whites in his eyes that was said to appear in various places on the Minecraft server, only to disappear as quickly as he appeared.  The main difference from him and other players was the fact that a player’s name didn’t appear over his head. He often appeared in single player worlds rather than multiplayer servers, which was supposed to be impossible.  Herobrine made random structures, mostly pyramids made of sand blocks or structures that led to a underground tunnel.  Sometimes he would appear out of the fog while other times he came out of the tunnel.  Sometimes he would chase players out if they went inside the tunnel and then vanish without a trace.  And on rare occasions, he would send the players messages, such as ” Wake up”  as if to suggest the player was trapped in a fantasy world. And when I played Minecraft too long, that’s how it felt.  Some people said Herobrine was really the ghost of the brother of Notch, one of the creators of Minecraft who haunted the game after his death. But others said it was a restless spirit, and that it was a victim of torture who retreated into a fantasy world to escape the pain during the act.  That’s why he kept messaging “Wake up”  But was he talking to himself, or whoever saw him while playing Minecraft, I wondered.

That’s why I couldn’t go back to my computer for a half hour after I saw the pyramid on my screen.  But after ten non-stop minutes of muttering to myself “Someone’s messing with you.  Calm down.  You’re being ridiculous”, I gingerly crept back into my computer chair.  There was my character right where I left it, near the edge of the lake, his axe pointing towards the fog in the distant horizon.  I slowly moved back towards my mountain when something popped out of the fog in the left edge of my frame of vision.

It was another character wearing a blue top.

He’s in the forest, I screamed in my mind.  I was terrified, but I had to see if he was real.  I ran towards the forest where I saw the figure.  When I got there, I found nothing.  My palms were sweaty and my hand shook as I raised my bottle of water to my lips.  Deciding he was gone, I went back to my mountain dungeon.  The pyramid was now gone.  In it’s place was a small structure that opened up to a small tunnel.

I stood up out of my chair and went outside.  I needed some air.  I couldn’t breathe.  But something made me go back inside to see if the tunnel was still there on my computer screen.  As I wearily plopped back down in my chair, my face melted into an expression of terror as I saw the tunnel was still there.  “There’s no turning back now,” I told myself.  I went in.

I walked down a long hall lit from little windows at the base of the corridor’s wall where you could see the program’s lava level.  It was like walking down the corridor of Hell.  At the end of the hall was a little room. In the room were two block skeletons and two swords.  They were grey with red tips.  In the corner of the little room was a small cot.  Lying in the cot was a figure with a blue top and black hair.  At that moment, a message appeared on my chat feed. Listed as the name of the player: Herobrine.

Wake up…

And Herobrine opened up his dead white eyes to me and jumped out of the cot.

“Crap” I yelled out loud.  I made my character run away and sped far down the hall away from the room.  I turned and looked back into the darkness.  There’s nothing there, I thought to myself.  That was when He ran out of the darkness towards me.  I raced toward the opening of the tunnel, looking back every three steps -Yep, he’s still there! Crap!  As I got to the opening and crawled out, I didn’t notice the pit of lava that was waiting for me at the foot of the ascending stairs.  My screen flashed red as the words “You died” popped up in front of my eyes.

It was at that moment I woke up.

My mouth was drooling all over my keyboard and the monitor was turned off.  I lifted my head off the desk and shook the cobwebs from my head.  It was all a dream, I told myself with a smile.  I breathed a sigh of relief and got out of my chair to walk towards my bedroom.

And that was when I noticed the pillows of my couch arranged carefully on the floor.  They were stacked in the shape of a pyramid.



My Terrifying Experience

I knew I should never have started dancing. I knew it as soon as I walked up those stairs and stood in that cramped, creepy room all those weeks ago. Young girls always entered the industry without any thought for the dangerous which lay ahead of them while they worked. I was no exception. I was blissfully ignorant of the dangers I would face until I met him. It was a cold, eerie night as I entered my private room and prepared myself for what I wasn’t sure. As I applied my makeup I couldn’t help the shiver which ran up my spine, yet I told myself whatever was bothering me was nonsense and not to give into my fear. Suddenly I jumped as I heard loud knocking at my door. Instinctively I stood as still as I could, praying whoever was outside would leave me alone.

Time seemed to stand still, yet I couldn’t bring myself to open the door as I longed to do so I could escape my nightmare forever. He seemed to know me, yet I couldn’t place him. I was surprised how quickly I jumped to the conclusion my perpetrator was a man, yet I did. My logical brain told me the being had to be a man as women wouldn’t want to watch the kind of performance I was expected to offer them. Suddenly I heard a masculine voice mumbling something I couldn’t quite catch. I knew it was a mistake to open the door. I knew it as soon as I saw him staring at me with eyes which would have made even the scariest childhood monster seem friendly.

“Come on baby you know you want me.”
“Please leave me alone or I’ll call security.”
“You would never call him baby you love me too much.”

I was no longer mildly frightened. I was terrified of the man who stood inches away from me with hands which looked as though they would grab my wrists at any moment and drag me away. Love! That was a joke. I’d never come close to falling in love with a man in my life. My mind raced frantically as I tried to think. I had never faced a real crisis and I had no idea how I was going to survive the ordeal I found myself in. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next as I heard my voice in the distance as though it was a stranger’s rather than my own.

“I’m not who you think I am please leave me alone.”
“I know exactly who you are sweetheart I’ve admired your body for months.”
“How?” I gasped as I realised how he knew. He’d been stalking me and I’d had no idea he’d done so.
“Yes my lovely I have followed you wherever you’ve gone. I have also watched you change into your gorgeous red night dress and I must say you look stunning in it.”