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It resembles a Ouija Board, but acts like a real psychic!  Get In Touch!

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The Halloween Witch Board™ could be mistaken for the fanciest “Spirit” or “Ouija Board” out there. And that alone is well worth it. BUT take a closer look! The Halloween Witch Board™ is more than a pretty face.

From one to four “Seekers” can play. Often there are any number of additional participants known as Realm Players (observer participants who can play a key role). The Inquisitor (a Seeker) asks Caleen, The Moon Witch, a question. Thru her transcending abilities and with the aid of her Realm (characters pictured on the board), she is able to respond to Seekers by channeling all that can be gathered thru Sage (ghost skeleton planchette – portal) for astounding answers, clarification, and contact.

Really setting the mood, you get – Special ambient music and effects that you can play in the background during a session. There are two styles: 1. Ethereal, a gentle mystic tone, and 2. Deep Ethereal, a much more dramatic tone and may put some players on edge.

The Halloween Witch Board™ is great for Halloween parties or weekend fun!

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Halloween Witch Board™ is great for Halloween parties or weekend fun!

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The Halloween Witch Board™ includes:

  • Mystical Playing Board – Colorful laminated and durable foam backed board.
  • Spirit Dust – A special luminous green formula used before each session to activate the “Halloween Witch Board.”
  • Sage – The green Skeleton-Ghost planchette in his own mesh storage bag with sage leaf for clearing the atmosphere including purification, dispersing negative energy, providing protection, healing, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Guidebook – A detailed 36-page manual explaining: The Story of Caleen, The Moon Witch, How to Play, Enhancing Play, Common Spirit Board Rules, Types of Questions to Ask, How it Works, and a section entitled Symbols & Interpretations that will help you interpret all the characters and symbols pictured on the Halloween Witch Board™.
  • Ethereal Music – Two choices for background music.  Ethereal and Ethereal Deep.
  • Trick or Treat Candy bag 🙂

Halloween Witch Board™ is high quality & finely crafted for years of excitement and enjoyment!













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