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  • Francisco Goya: The Black Paintings (Pinturas Negras)
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  • 7 Upcoming Horror Movies in 2015
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Horror News


“The Culling” Trailer Released

The Culling – First Trailer “When the Devil Breeds, a New Evil is Born!” Los Angeles, California – The supernatural thriller The Culling is being revealed here! This title, from director Rustam Branaman, involves a lost and lonely, young girl. She encounters five friends at an isolated cafe and they bring her back to her […]


Deadly Revisions – Award Winning Psycho Horror

One of our favorite actors and recent recipient of the Lon Chaney Award, Bill Oberst, Jr., continues his notoriety in the multi award-winning psychological horror feature Deadly Revisions. In the film, Bill Oberst, Jr. plays Grafton Torn. Torn has recently suffered a head injury, after a fall, in his home. He experiences amnesia and a good […]

Horror Movies Upcoming


7 Upcoming Horror Movies in 2015

Are you wondering about the upcoming horror movies for 2015? Well there are certainly plenty to look forward to and it looks like it’s going to be a good year for movie fans of the horror genre. As another year unfolds, you can certainly expect to see a wide range of movie releases making an […]

Scary Stories



LEGEND HAS HER She died tragically in the woods at the edge of town just off of Pine Street on a cold Halloween night. She was found brutally murdered in almost a ritualistic fashion.  Two boys apparently followed her into the woods taking advantage of her.  Their shirts were found tied around Casandre as restraining […]

Scary Pictures


Zombie Gaze

Have you ever wondered what to expect when encountering a zombie? Most of us would jump to conclusions of violence or terror, but in this instance, we’d be wrong.She slowly approaches humans, reaching out a decomposing hand, gazing longingly into her eyes. She wants to be included. She thinks she’s the same. Her beauty shows, […]


Zombie Man Classic

The crisp air was filled with the smell of rotting flesh as the police wondered who could have committed such a violent crime. That was when they spotted him.He could have walked straight out of a comic book or vintage movie. Stumbling around, covered in decomposed flesh and moaning rather than talking, the classic zombie […]

Dark Art


Francisco Goya: The Black Paintings (Pinturas Negras)

In a two story house just outside of Madrid, called “Quinta del Sordo” (Deaf Man’s Villa), a collection of 14 paintings literally covered the walls. Unlike most murals, these paintings weren’t meant for decorative purposes. Instead, they depicted feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, violence and a path leading into deep, dark madness. At the age […]

Dark Poetry


Let Me Kill You Next

Let Me Kill You Next by Damian LaRue I’ve killed today, There’s blood on my blade. Shadows of the moon, Hide the souls that I’ve slayed. Like a beast in the night, I creep through the tombs, Enjoying the taste Of the flesh I’ve consumed. An owl screeches wildly, The wind sends a chill, I’m cold […]

Latest Horror Movie Reviews


NIGHT GUARDS – Short Film Review

Night Guards or Noćni Cuvari  is the official title as it is a Croatian language film with subtitles. The story line centers around two night guards, belonging to different generations and yet related events.  The younger man has his own desires, yet ultimately understands the wisdom of the elder. For a short film, characters and […]


In Fear (Movie Review)

In Fear is a very small budget film and is the first feature length film from directer Jeremy Lovering. After receiving praise at the Sundance Film Festival, In Fear has been getting approval from film critics for its success at creating a suspenseful thriller on such a small budget. This is a film that gets […]


Children of The Sorrow (Movie Review)

Cults are a problem that continue to plague society. We as outsiders particularly find them fascinating in regard to their practices and way of life. Films about cults typically do well, from The Village to Eyes Wide Shut to The Master. Children of Sorrow tells the story of Ellen (Hannah Levien) who attempts to locate […]

Latest Horror Book Reviews


The Ripper (Book Review)

L.A. Maldonado is the voice behind the new short horror novel entitled “The Ripper”. It is a fast-paced story filled with interesting characters and an enemy that cannot be destroyed by conventional means. Based on the historic events surrounding the murders of Jack the Ripper, Maldonado uses a mixture of fiction and fact to grab […]

Dark Shadows of Babylon feature

Dark Shadows of Babylon (Book Review)

Dark Shadows of Babylon is a paranormal/horror book written by Julian Speed. The cover is a clear indication that readers will encounter a series of gruesome events, but there is also a great adventure awaiting. The first chapters look at the origin of the evil that creeps into modern times and Speed adds a nice […]


Punch (Book Review)

J. R. Park is the author of “Punch”, a short novel that definitely justifies the title. Unlike his previous book “Terror Byte”, the focus isn’t so much on mystery as it is character relation. In fact, “Punch” is proof that Park is progressing as a writer in many ways. Where “Terror Byte” had some aspects and […]

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