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See No Evil 2: 2014 Release

See No Evil 1 The 2006 movie See No Evil could easily have been awful.  WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) making a horror movie?  But they have their act(s) together with WWE Films division along with WWE wrestling superstar Kane managing to make a truly gory, jumpy and average rated horror movie. The movie saw a bunch […]


Promoting Horror Books

Over the coming days we will be updating our horror book reviews and the process.  In this effort, we are striving to provide honest and unbiased horror book reviews that will promote the readership and popularization of horror books. Along with providing a review that readers can depend on, which is a great aid in […]

Scary Stories


Ginger! Ginger! Gingers are EVIL!

The others laughed and circled around Sarah. Kick a ginger day! Kick a ginger day! They screamed in her face, taunting her, remorseless little bastards they were. Kids can be so cruel. But cruelty begets cruelty, does it not? Evil? She thought. I’ll show you evil. Days, weeks, and months pass. The anger never went […]

Scary Pictures


Midnight Mad Man

In the desolate depths of cool midnight darkness, the Midnight Mad Man seers with his black circled eyes that light up red in the night.  Prowling through the grave yard, he abounds in the stench of death. If you dare, stare him in the eyes.  You will notice how the Midnight Mad Man’s face will die before […]


Zombie Finger Licking Good

  An eerie silence lies In a dismal and dark graveyard There lies a grisly and scary zombie Who feast on human fingers and hands Acting evil was his game Only ate fingers that were yummy Zombie worked best during a thick fog Searched for victims who would jog Threw them right into an abandoned […]


Pyscho Butcher Babe

The Pyscho Butcher Babe is another example of brutality and ruthlessness. The horrific and dreadful appearance of this woman can even scare people with very strong wills. Her horrible intentions behind this wicked snarl make it more frightening. What a bloody mess she has created.

Latest Horror Movie Reviews


Carrie (Movie Review)

Remakes of original films that are considered classics are often times not welcomed. Films based off Stephen King novels are also not often welcomed for their inability to display the true sense of horror his books created. But here we have Carrie, the latest film that’s a remake of a Stephen King based movie from […]


Scarecrow (Movie Review)

Several times a year the Syfy channel releases their own horror themed movies, with many of them following the same story. A group of survivors must escape a certain threat in a specific location. Scarecrow is no exception to that and is a very cliche film with a formula that has been repeated numerous times […]


A Little Bit Zombie (Movie Review)

I was trying to think of the type of person who would like this movie. My 17 year old daughter? No. My 10 year old son (not that I’d let him watch a rated R movie)? No. A total dip shit? Maybe. A Little Bit Zombie was a painful 87 minutes.  I would ask for […]

Latest Horror Book Reviews


The Lord of Darkness

The Lord of Darkness,” written by Lex Sinclair, is an eerie horror novel based ironically on the story of a young and successful writer’s struggles and how they turned his world upside down.  The story is unique and follows a different plot pattern to that of most horror novels, making the read interesting and highly […]


Slow Burn – Zero Day

Zed Zane isn’t looking forward to asking his mom and stepfather for yet another loan to cover his rent, which will be followed by an inevitable lecture about work ethic—but that particular dread is nothing compared with what he’ll face in the coming days. When he arrives at their house to meet them for lunch, […]


The Beach House

Sibling rivalry leads to murder and a lifetime of evil in “The Beach House.” At the novel’s beginning, Damon and his younger brother Jonathan are spending time with their parents at family beach house, and Damon is sick of how his parents favor Jonathan, the “genius” and perfect younger brother. With no emotion except elation […]